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Love Alive Christian Ministries


God ordained for Us to gather for Worship because He knows Us, and the weaknesses of our world and how easily our hearts are distracted. He knows how soon we forget the depth of our need for Him as Children, and the expansiveness of His provision, through His Son. He knows that little lies will deceive us and little obstacles can discourage us. He knows that self-righteousness still has the power to delude us. So in grace, He calls us to gather, to experience His glory once again; to become excited again, and be rescued from the bondages of a sinful nature. It is not only that the Worship events remind us of God’s grace. They are themselves, a gift of Grace! So Church gathering is designed to bring us into the presence and the glory of the grace of God, so we won’t look for life, help and hope in ungodly places. It challenges You to be accountable and connected.

Therefore We at LACC, invite you to be confronted!

LACC Ministires


Establish a vibrant Ministry based on  a solid application of God’s Word, that will penetrate the surrounding Communities through Media, Live Speaking, Fellowship, and Outreach Ministry.


Promote and advance the Kingdom of God in the earth, through progressive Spiritual growth while reaching out to others and sharing the Message of Christ, that will be visibly Life Changing.

And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.

Jeremiah 3:15

Our Leaders

Our Leaders
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Pastor Jimmie Haley

Pastor Jimmie Haley is an anointed and gifted teacher and preacher with more than 28 years of experience in the ministry of God’s Word. Pastor Haley’s love for teaching and compassion for people has inspired him to embody the single most important mission of the church, which is to introduce people to Christ and begin to understand the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Haley has spent over 38 years in the Business world where he excelled in the areas of Analytical Research, Transportation Logistics and Economic Development. His primary research coverage focused on the Middle East and Caribbean economies and he was also responsible for research and analytical reporting related to politics and economies globally. Pastor Haley has been blessed with a Marketplace anointing, as well as the grace to lead and Pastor the people of Love Alive Christian Center for more than 10 years.

Pastor Hilda Haley

Pastor Hilda Haley is a seasoned Administrator and Helps Ministry Coordinator with many years of Helps Ministry Training and successful ministry support alongside her husband, Pastor Jimmie Haley. Pastor Hilda oversees the Children’s Ministry at Love Alive Christian Center and works with the Music and Media Ministries of the church Pastor Hilda attended Dawson Skill Center in Chicago, IL and Draughton’s Business College in Memphis, TN. She successfully completed the Ministry Courses at the School of Theology/Lane Avenue Ministries in Memphis, TN. She received her License of Ministry from World Overcomers Outreach Ministries in Memphis, TN and holds an Associated Degree in Biblical Theology from Kingdom University International.

Hilda D. Haley .jpg

She has extended experience in the Business world where she worked as Assistant & Receptionist to Attorney Scott Davis and Associates, Tupelo, MS; Mortgage Loan Assistant for Wells Fargo Mortgage Co., Tupelo, MS. She also worked as Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Specialist with Bancorp South Bank and as Field Enumerator with the United States Census Bureau.

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